Kurt Rhea

President & CEO

Kurt Rhea has had the pleasure of working with incredible leaders in the oil and gas, water treatment, and public sectors, helping them navigate the regulatory arena and manage their radioactive material. His fine team works hard to do the right thing every day, providing excellent service and value through innovation. He enjoys both learning from and educating others, serving at church, and spending time with his team and family. He is a frequent speaker in business circles including a variety of industry groups.

Chad Hyslop


Chad is a senior professional and project manager with 29 years experience in the environmental and natural resource industries, domestic and international logistics, radioactive materials remediation, packaging, transport and disposal, and regulatory and license compliance. Chad is passionate about serving customers through exceptional, personalized service, and leading the great team at Rad Pros.

Derek Rhea

Business Development Manager/IT Director

Derek is a Business Dev. Mgr./IT Director, driving growth & innovation. With 10+ years in telecom sales and leadership, Derek has closed multi-million dollar projects and lead the charge in client satisfaction and IT infrastructure. Derek has also assisted in multiple on-site projects from operating heavy equipment to doing surveys and sampling.

Stephen Hanks

Environmental Scientist/RSO

Stephen leads RAD PRO's consulting division and has earned respect throughout the industry for his deep knowledge of radioactive and environmental regulations and compliace, service to our customers and innovation in assisting clients to meet their business needs while meeting and exceeding their compliance goals. Stephen is a trusted source for all rules and regulations in CO and ND regarding NORM/TENORM, PFAS and Hazardous Materials. Stephen is passionate about RAD PROS and our customers remain safe, compliant and efficient in all of our activities across the country.

Steve Friday

Operations Manager

Steve comes from a technical background and owned his own business building high-end cars. Steve joined RAD PROS to take over as our Operations Manager, primary field RSO and DOT certified transporter. He has an aptitude for coming up with unique solutions to complex problems and has been an incredible add to the RAD PROS team

Eric Estrada

Field Supervisor

With many years of experience in project management, operating equipment, transporting material, tank cleanings and other various industrial activities, Eric is our choice for any field needs. From operating excavators, loaders, skids to making good contacts across the industry to get the best rates and treatment for our clients, Eric has been an invaluable add to our staff.

Mark Rainey

Radiation Safety Officer (ND) - Market Manager

Mark is the main point of contact in North Dakota as well as our primary RSO for projects occurring in ND and some of its surrounding states. Mark has decades of oil & gas operations experience, including having worked at SWD's. From operating heavy machinery and transport/packaging of NORM/TENORM to performing technical surveys and consulting, Mark has made a great impact at Rad Pros.

Erin Waters

Bookkeeper/Administrative Support

Erin is our Office Manager and handles bookkeeping, including invoicing all of Rad Pros' jobs. She manages our HR, benefits, and payroll processes, making her an invaluable part of our team.

Shelby Parramore

Project Manager

Shelby is a fully trained radiation technician and an experienced project manager, spending the last several years running skidsteers, excavators, loaders and others. He is personable and great with customers, bringing yet another value add to our incredible team.

Courtney Parramore

Field Administrator

Courtney assists Erin with office and Administration duties, as well as handles many of our safety and compliance systems ensuring our clients and employees remain safe, compliant and efficient. She also helps with report preparation and process improvement, and helps with general field implementation on any new processes.