NORM, TENORM and Hazardous Waste Management & Consulting

RAD PROS is a fast growing environmental services company, providing exceptional waste management and consulting services to the oil and gas, mining, water treatment sectors and government/private clean-up sectors. A pioneer in NORM/TENORM management, RAD PROS' team of professionals have led the way in site characterization, remediation and demolition (RAD), and technical consulting.

With a dedication to value and customer service, RAD PROS has the licensing and expertise to offer its unique suite of services from mobile pig decon and waste management, to site/risk assessments and cleanup, while providing the best in training and consulting to hundreds of oilfield and water treatment operators. Whether you need a senior project manager, pipeline safety inspector, board-certified health physicist, or rapid deployment of equipment operators and a spill response team, RAD PROS is there when you need us, helping to protect you from unwanted exposure and environmental liability.



WIth top-tier scientists. health physicists and Radiation Safety Officers, in an ever more regulated world, our staff will help you remain safe and compliant with any state or federal requirement.

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RAD PROS provides competitive rates on any packaging, transport, disposal and management of waste streams generated in Oil, Gas, Mining and other industries.

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Radiation Pros provides complete decommissioning services from hazardous materials removal to facility demolition, including asset recovery and recycling.

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RAD PROS is the leading name in pig decontamination, pigging waste disposal, and industrial cleaning. With more than 30 years of combined experience in the oil and gas operations, the RAD PROS team are experts in remediation, demolition and industrial cleaning.

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We provide comprehensive support to water and wastewate treatment operators, from registration and licensing compliance, to operator training, and including hazardous and TENORM waste removal and disposal.

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Upstream, Midstream and Downstream services are a large part of RAD PROS' clientele. With catered safety plans, ISN compliant procedures, HAZMAT certified techs and 100+ years of combined experience RAD PROS is your #1 choice for all your waste and service needs.

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As you mine and bring to market valuable minerals, you will want the trusted name in waste characterization, hazardous and radioactive waste transport/disposal and regulatory expertise in handling the waste generated by mining operations. RAD PROS has you covered!

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In 2019, a salt water disposal facility in North Dakota caught fire and shot the tanks over 200 ft in the air, spreading NORM, production water and debris all over the site. RAD PROS was out within days of the fire burning out and was able to begin cleanup immediately. After sorting and segragation of the debris/elevated material and excavating as much as 24 ft down, RAD PROS was able to fully rebuild the facility and return it to its owners for continued use.

Kurt Rhea

President & CEO

Kurt Rhea has had the pleasure of working with incredible leaders in the oil and gas, water treatment, and public sectors, helping them navigate the regulatory arena and manage their radioactive material. His fine team works hard to do the right thing every day, providing excellent service and value through innovation. He enjoys both learning from and educating others, serving at church, and spending time with his team and family. He is a frequent speaker in business circles including a variety of industry groups.

Chad Hyslop

Vice President of Waste and Logistics

Chad is a senior professional and project manager with 29 years experience in the environmental and natural resource industries, domestic and international logistics, radioactive materials remediation, packaging, transport and disposal, and regulatory and license compliance. Chad is passionate about serving customers through exceptional, personalized service, and leading the waste and logistics program at Rad Pros.

Derek Rhea

Business Development Manager/IT Director

Derek is a Business Dev. Mgr./IT Director, driving growth & innovation. With 10+ years in telecom sales and leadership, Derek has closed multi-million dollar projects and lead the charge in client satisfaction and IT infrastructure. Derek has also assisted in multiple on-site projects from operating heavy equipment to doing surveys and sampling.

Stephen Hanks

Environmental Scientist/RSO

As an Environmental Scientist/RSO, Stephen Hanks specializes in evaluating the environmental impact of various projects and activities. He conducts extensive research and analyzes data to identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. Stephen is skilled in assessing air quality, water pollution, and soil contamination. He is also responsible for ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and monitoring the effectiveness of any implemented mitigation measures. Stephen's work plays a crucial role in preserving and protecting the environment for future generations.

Steve Friday

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager, Steve Friday is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the team. He ensures that all processes and procedures are followed, and that team members are working efficiently and effectively. Steve is a highly organized and detail-oriented individual, with strong leadership and problem-solving skills. He is constantly seeking ways to improve team performance and streamline operations. Steve is the go-to person for any operational issues or challenges that may arise.

Eric Estrada

Field Supervisor

As the Field Supervisor, Eric Estrada is responsible for overseeing and managing a team of field workers. He ensures that all projects are executed efficiently and according to plan. Eric coordinates with clients, suppliers, and subcontractors to ensure smooth operations and timely delivery. He also monitors work progress, conducts quality checks, and addresses any issues or concerns that may arise during the project. With his excellent leadership skills and extensive knowledge of field operations, Eric plays a crucial role in the successful completion of projects.

Mark Rainey

Radiation Safety Officer (ND) - Market Manager

Mark is the main point of contact in North Dakota as well as our primary RSO for projects occurring in ND and some of its surrounding states. Mark has decades of oil & gas operations experience, including having worked at SWD's. From operating heavy machinery and transport/packaging of NORM/TENORM to performing technical surveys and consulting, Mark has made a great impact at Rad Pros.

Jill Trapp

Radiological Engineer/RSO

Jill Trapp is a Radiological Engineer/RSO, responsible for ensuring the safe operation of radiation-producing equipment and the protection of workers and the public from exposure to radiation both in natural and technologically enchanced realms. She conducts risk assessments, develops radiation safety programs, and provides training and oversight to staff on radiation safety procedures. Jill also performs regular inspections and audits to ensure compliance with regulations and maintains accurate records of radiation doses received by workers. She is knowledgeable in the use of radiation detection and monitoring equipment and stays up to date with current regulations and best practices in radiation safety.

Matt Nelson

Field Ops Supervisor/Client Representative

Matt is one of the forces on the ground in North Dakota, helping maintain our client relationships as well as helping Mark Rainey execute on any work we manage for our clients. We are excited to welcome him to the team as Rad Pros reputation and work grows in North Dakota as well as Wyoming, and states across the northern region!

Tracy Le

Sr. Accountant/Financial Analyst

As a Sr. Accountant/Financial Analyst, Tracy Le is responsible for overseeing the financial accounts and records of the organization. She monitors and analyzes financial transactions, prepares financial statements, and provides insights to drive business growth. Tracy plays a vital role in identifying cost-saving opportunities and improving the overall financial performance of the company. She collaborates with various departments to gather and analyze financial data, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards. Tracy’s expertise in financial modeling, budgeting, and forecasting helps the organization in making informed decisions and achieving financial success.

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