RAD PROS provides NORM, TENORM and hazardous waste safety consulting for a wide variety of clients, from oil and gas operators, mining companies and water treatment facilities to labs, government entities and waste disposal facilities. Our team will help you get in compliance with the latest state, federal and local regulations with relative ease. 

With our world-class training online, you can become a certified TENORM Surveyor in just 8-hours (CO, ND and WY rules currently available and included). Here is just a brief rundown of our available courses:

8-Hour TENORM Surveyor Training

  • Why TENORM is an Issue
  • Where do you find NORM
  • Radium Girls
  • TENORM Management
  • Health Physics Fundamentals
  • Proper PPE
  • Regulatory Framework
  • TENORM Transport & DIsposal
  • Instrument Usage
  • Waste Stream Examples
  • And So Much More...

2-Hour TENORM Awareness Training

  • Intro to Radiation/NORM
  • ALARA and Basic Protection from Radiation
  • Learning the Lingo (A Summary)
  • State Regulation Summary
  • Basic Storage of NORM
  • TENORM Waste Stream Examples

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