With a fully outfitted decontamination trailer (including Hotsy pressure washer, decontamination bays, air compressors and PPE) and 30+ years of combined tank-cleaning and pig decontamination RAD PROS will tackle any tank-cleaning project we can get our hands on.

In partnership with Loenbro, for all tank-inspection services beyond waste removal and detection, RAD PROS has been a primary contractor on many 1-2 million gallon tank cleanings as well as a variety of midstream tanks, separators and other oil & gas related equipment. 

With our decontamination trailer in tow, we have completed smart pig decontamination on pigs ranging from 3' long by 4 inches diameter all the way up to 12' long by 3 ft diameter. There is no project too big we can't tackle.

Here is a list of the specific cleaning services we offer:

  • Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream) Tank Cleaning
  • Smart Pig Decontamination
  • Filter and Seperator Decontamination
  • and Much More...